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Human To Human Interaction

True adventure isn’t created with search bars. It’s created with a great company.

Personalized Itinerary

Everyone has a different idea of an excellent trip. Whether it's a night out exploring a destination's night life or shuffling through ethnic cuisines, your itinerary will be personally designed to match your taste.

Ease of Communication

Navlit makes the conversation between you and your navigator easy and personable. Whether it chatting to setup a physical tour or asking for a itinerary recommendation, Navlit is designed to make sure your experience is smooth and flawless.

Secure and Safe

Each Navigator is put through a background check, expertise assessment, city awareness assessment, and personality test in order to ensure our clients' safety and comfort. We go through great lengths in order to make sure that our navigators are more than just people you would talk to, but people you would spend an experience with.